We all join in!

we_all_join_inThere’s a lot of you out there, some of you way out there (not even at the conference), and we don’t want to leave anyone out. Please fill out our little survey to let us know how you’ll be playing, so that we can share the love (and the prizes!) amongst you all.

Thank you!

Click on the link below.

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lemontreeWe’ve had our first winner! @katejf correctly identified the gamification platform adopted by the University of Huddersield, featured in the On Your Marks! video. The answer is Lemontree!

Lemontree for academic libraries, and its cousin Orangetree for public libraries, are two ‘flavours’ of Librarygame, a gamification platform designed by library-lovers, Running in the Halls.

Librarygame integrates with your LMS (library management system), and even check-in machines or turnstiles, and taps into Web 2.0 and social media. Their website states: “Librarygame™ adds elements that make games engaging and delightful, directly into the library experience. As well as giving library users a fresh and useful social discovery interface, librarygame provides librarians with useful at a glance statistics on how their library is being utilised.”

Congratulations, @katejf, who is playing On Your Marks! from home. She receives an iTunes voucher.

Image: Lemon tree by Visions by Vicki. Retrieved from http://www.flickr.com/photos/visionsbyvicky/6928690582/

How do I play?

1. Follow us on twitter at @gamifyonline13. #ALIAonline #gamifyonline13

2. Download the SCVNGR app on to your iPhone or Android, ensuring your GPS is turned on! Set up your account. This will only take a few seconds.

3. Select PLACES, then search in NEARBY PLACES for ALIA Information Online at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

4. Each day of the conference there will be 4 new core challenges and one Bonus challenge (these challenges appear after Check-in, Social Check-in, Say something, and Snap a picture). Challenges my be answer-specific, open response, QR code, or photo challenges. You will also have to have a QR code scanner app downloaded.

5. Once you’ve reached 10 points, or 4 of the core challenges, bring your phone to the Queensland University of Technology Booth #52, collect your bubbles, and submit your entry for your chance to win an iPad mini! There will also be prizes, including iTunes vouchers and State Library of Queensland Library Shop vouchers, for Bonus challenges, creativity, and enthusiasm.

6. Additional activities will take place throughout the conference. Stay tuned to twitter @gamifyonline13 for details. Use the hashtags #ALIAonline #gamifyonline13

7. Enjoy and good luck!

A big thank you to the ALIA Information Online 2013 Program Committee and to State Library of Queensland for their generous support of On Your Marks!.

On Your Marks!

This year at ALIA Information Online 2013, we’re going to do something different. We’ll be gamifying the conference!

Follow us on Twitter at @gamifyonline13 and stay tuned for your first challenge…

On your marks!