The final challenge: Ruth Baxter

Ruth Baxter, Manager Collection Access at University of Melbourne Library shares her experience of On Your Marks! with us:

I didn’t know what SCVNGR was, nor how easy it would be to set up a game myself. I loved that people added their own challenges, and that many of the challenges involved taking photos with people you hadn’t met before.

As a verbal extrovert with a short attention span, I often disengage with conferences after awhile. This game kept me interacting with the conference in different ways, and retained my engagement. I got way more from the overall conference therefore because I was still focussed. Thus the game was very important to me.

I’m hoping to talk to our information literacy people about using games such as SCVNGR and to offer alternative library tours. I’d also like to use gamfication to open up access to some of our cultural treasures that need to stay limited access. Hopefully we can create virtual pathways and viewings that offer this to more, without requiring too much ongoing staffing.

Thanks so much for the time and effort you put into this, Katya and Kate.

– It was our pleasure, Ruth!

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